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About us

About us

Rival Metal is a leader Company in its sector


it produces Office Furniture Accessories/Legs and Furniture Legs with accessories, with very up to dated solutions.

Rival Metal has always privileged the customer satisfaction and for this reason it has adopted a commercial strategy based on the Quality, Design and Service at competitive Prices.


This strategy has determined, during the years, a constant growth either in the domestic and in the international market. 

Style, quality, service and price are the main features of a strategy whom aim is to individuate the single requests and to find the concrete reply.



Our desk legs
workspace elements
office solutions
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EdelKeller d.o.o.
Zahira Panjete 7
71000 Sarajevo
Bosna i Hercegovina


T: +387 33 978 996

F: +387 33 978 996
M:+387 61 557 557

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Srbija, Belgrade:

Rival Metal d.o.o.
Višnjička 74
11 000 Beograd, Srbija

Tel: +381 69 222 35 02
       +381 69 222 35 01

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